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States at Risk: Are We Prepared?

Much of the talk around what to do about climate change revolves around “solving” the problem. Often this is limited to debates about how to keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere in the first place. It is imperative that we follow through on this, to be sure; however, we still face centuries of climate change even if we cease all greenhouse gas emissions today.

What is missing in these discussions? Until recently we've neglected to have any substantive, wide-spread, high-level conversations about how our communities can build resilience to the current and future climate threats.

Studies suggest that the climate of Wisconsin in 2050 will be markedly different than that of 2015. Projections indicate that we will experience a 150% increase in the severity of widespread summer drought, an increase from 15 to 60 heat wave days, and the inland flooding threat will increase by 20%.

States at Risk: America's Preparedness Report Card, a new report produced by Climate Central, broadens the focus of climate change conversations. According to Climate Central, this is the “First-ever national analysis of state-level preparedness for climate-driven threats.” How prepared is your state for the ensuing climate threats? Explore the States At Risk interactive above to find out, and let's push the climate conversation forward together.


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